Lab Members

Maggie Toplak, Ph.D., C. Psych.

My training and research interests span cognitive science and clinical research. I am interested in studying individual differences in judgment and decision-making and cognitive abilities in typically developing samples and in developmental psychopathology. I graduated with a PhD from the School and Clinical Child Program, University of Toronto and I am registered as a clinical psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

Current Graduate Students

Rachael Lyon

Rachael is in the fourth year of her PhD in the Clinical-Developmental Psychology Program. Her master’s research investigated the extent to which executive function task performance and parent-ratings of ADHD symptomatology capture age related variance in a longitudinal sample of children and youth. Her dissertation focuses on characterizing problematic screen media use and understanding risk profiles among children and youth, including those at risk for attention difficulties (e.g., ADHD and neurological conditions). Broadly, her research interests center around brain-behaviour relationships and treatment innovation in children and youth with neurodevelopmental and acquired brain disorders.

Elizabeth Wanstall

Elizabeth is in the fourth year of her PhD in Clinical-Developmental Psychology, in the Neuropsychology stream. For her MA thesis, she examined an updated version of the Unstructured Performance Task (i.e., UPT-2) in a sample of typically developing children. She completed her breadth comprehensive research project at SickKids, where she examined linguistic synchrony in a peer mentorship program for adolescents with inflammatory bowel disease. For her dissertation, Elizabeth is examining parental mediation of problematic screen media use in children and youth at-risk of attention difficulties (e.g., ADHD, early neurological risk). Broadly, Elizabeth’s general research interests are in the area of neuropsychological abilities in childhood illness and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Gary Bold

Gary is going into the second year of his Masters in the Clinical-Developmental Psychology Program. His current research examines the experiences of mental effort in emerging adults with ADHD. His master project will use a qualitative methodology, specifically an interpretive phenomenological approach. Gary’s research interests include skill acquisition, metacognition, and habit development in emerging adults with neurodevelopmental disorders. Gary is also a long time musician (guitar player) and enjoys the “behind the scenes” aspects of music such as recording and production.

Current Undergraduate Students (Honours Thesis and Independent Study)

  • Adrian Torres
  • Naomie Lemyre
  • Nathaniel Edgar
  • Taylor Zieper

Lab Alumni – Graduate Students

  • Jala Rizeq
  • Stella Dentakos
  • Wafa Saoud
  • Justine Ledochowski
  • Joshua Doidge

Lab Alumni – Undergraduate Students (Honours Thesis and Independent Study)

  • Saqina Abedi
  • Mohamed Al-Haj
  • Camelia Amiri
  • Andre Benoit
  • Stefania Bucciarelli
  • Cassandra Cairo
  • Deanna Casaluce
  • Andrew Chan
  • Tessah Dunn
  • Amanda Edwards
  • Gemma Graziosi
  • Armita Hosseini
  • Linda Iwenofu
  • Rebecca Jakubovic
  • Nonna Khakpour
  • Shauna Kochen
  • Geeta Kumar
  • Mike Lima
  • Shane Martin
  • Jana McCormack
  • Denise Paneduro
  • Larissa Panetta
  • David Perez
  • Lee Propp
  • Raha Saeed
  • Lynn Sraha-Yeboah
  • Alexiis Stephen